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The Peerless Shop Utility!
The Machinist Toolbox™ by BobCAD-CAM is a popular shop software utility for CNC machinists everywhere! Every CNC machinist needs fast access to optimized speed and feed calculations for Milling, Drilling, Turning & Tapping as well as Trig calculators, quick conversion formulas and important reference guides. That is exactly what the Machinist Toolbox™ offers and so much more!
The Powerful Machinist Utility, Machinist Toolbox™ & a trial version of the latest CAD-CAM Software from BobCAD-CAM to evaluate for FREE!
Machinist Toolbox

Machinist ToolBox™ by BobCAD-CAM Software Features

The Machinist Toolbox™ is a powerful utility, It contains a set of calculators designed specifically for machinists. The Machinist Toolbox™ consists of many calculators that make finding complex numbers simple. The Machinist Toolbox™ includes calculators that are graphically Illustrated for calculating complex Trig functions such as:
Chord Data
Cusp Height an step over
Drill tip compensation
Sine Plates
True position tolerances
3 Point arc centers
Right triangles
Oblique triangles
Bolt Circles
Polygon Calculations
4th axis positioning
Universal Angle heads
Thread calculation
Polar dimensioning
Tap drill calculations
Machinist Toolbox
Machinist are Saying
"This product is a great little utility. I’m happy I found it!" - Dave, Washington D.C.